We can't ignore another post from "Fairy Jobmother" Hayley Taylor.  A 50-year-old graduate says she's been made redundant after 15 years and is now "applying for anything going" without success.  Ms Taylor's response is a bit strange.  First, she says "don't apply for just anything! apply for what you know you can achieve! "  (We have noted before that punctuation is not Ms Taylor's strong point).  This makes sense in the early days of unemployment; you go after jobs similar to the one you've been doing.  But after a while, and especially if you're sent on the Work Programme, you apply for anything you think you're qualified for.
Then the age question.  "Remove anything from the document (CV) that relates to your age, years etc, as an employer can work it out, and then be ageist."  This assumes that you are applying for jobs which require a CV, and, as we've pointed out, most of the time you are filling in an application form which requires dates.  If you do have to supply a CV you still have to put a work history as well as your education.  This 50-year-old cannot avoid giving clues to her age.


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