I was amused by this report in the Daily Mail.  It was first reported in the Northern Echo.  "Website to help unemployed literacy skills littered with spelling mistakes."  (Ironically, that headline is itself ungrammatical.)  The errors were apparently reported in June but by yesterday had not been corrected.  The fact that welfare-to-work companies are careless about such things doesn't mean their clients don't care.  And employers certainly do.

09/21/2011 10:10

Quite disturbing really. Interesting that many Daily Mail comments highlight that organ's spelling errors. They miss the point entirely however. Loathed as I am to defend the Daily Mail, they are NOT in the employment business.

The company involved Avanta , is supposed to help people into work. This involves compiling their CV's and application forms no doubt. How can and why should their clients take notice of Avanta's advice when they make such basic errors on its own site? Spelling mistakes are one thing. What's worse is the fact that no one bothered to proof read anything. Worse still, no one bothered to ammend these glaring errors.

This may sound like nitpicking. However, when you are in business and esp. in the business of advising others on such matters, you have to be a LOT better than this.

Did the DWP not say recently that immigrants who cannot speak English to the desired standard to apply for jobs will be forced to take English classes? If they don't, they could lose their benefits! This would all be funny if it were not true!

I am a volunteer at a non profit organisation. We are currently in the process of reworking our own website. All the work will be done by unpaid volunteers and staff members who have had their hours reduced due to cutbacks in funding. Despite this, the content will be correct and the words proof read. And yet a company gaining from government contracts cannot even be bothered to get basic errors fixed!

Eric Greenwood
09/27/2011 03:38

I type here casually, but when i am working i can type with proper grammar. I remember once typing a story for a local paper, and I meant to type important message, i was very busy so i typed it up ran the spell check and no problems.. until someone read it and i had typed Impotent Massage. So I now check my spelling even if the spell checker says there is no problem,

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