Thanks for all your messages and comments on the first day.  I'd like to respond to some of them.
Eric sent a message saying, "I would say if you send a lot of email applications, have a dedicated email address just for jobs. Use it for updates from sites like jobsite, monster etc.  Dont have an email address thats a bit 'weird' ".  Good idea.
Some good points from Simone (but if you send comments with loads of URLs in them they get filtered out as spam).  You said that you need more than one CV.  But that is the point of having your CV on computer so that you can tweak it for different jobs.  You also said, "If you are an older applicant with good work history then school results are redundant."  Maybe, but you will have to put them on applications forms; and on CVs it depends on the job.  "A" levels might be relevant.  As for your point about filling in application forms in pencil first, I can't agree.  When you write over it in pen it will look messy; and when you try to erase the pencil it will still look messy.  You should have a spare copy to do the draft.  If you make a mistake on the final copy, just cross it through neatly and rewrite - or use Tippex very carefully.
Captain Canal's point about social networking sites is well made.  People tend to forget that what they put on there can be public, so be careful.

09/19/2011 15:08

If you have to use various CVs then keep copies of them for reference. The same is true of covering letters and even the job description/advert.

Sometimes the employer will delete their advert if it is online if they have too many replies .....

09/20/2011 04:15

Really like the idea of a dedicated email for job applications etc.
I can't agree more about having 'sensible' email addresses as well, this goes for welcome messages on voicemail as well!! I have lost count of the times I have had to suggest to people to change their email and voicemail - how off putting to a prosepective employer to hear someone swearing or saying they are having a bath and hear splashing noises (yes, that was one)!!

09/20/2011 10:41

I put my interests at the end of my CV. A couple of employers seemed to like quote a smattering of Italian!


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