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09/18/2011 15:44

Great site. Should be a one stop advice shop for mny a jobseeker.

Much of what is said here can be called basic 'common sense'. However such common sense is sadly lacking from agencies such as JobcentrePlus and much of the W2W sector.

This could be a useful resource for swapping ideas and tips too. One thing I'd add with regards interviews is ask questions. Firstly, it shows interest in the organisation / company. Secondly, you should be interviewing the company as much as they are interviewing you! After all, you want to make sure the job is right for you. Plus you may learn something about the company that you otherwise may have not have.

09/19/2011 02:12

Let it be known you are looking for work. Tell relatives and friends. They might know of something or bear you in mind if they hear of anything in the future.

Dont just sit at home where your health will deteriorate both physically and mentally over a long period of time. Join groups either in your particular interest or specialist job area. It may not get you a job but it gets you back into society.

There are many day/evening courses with concessionary rates at local colleges starting now.

Visit companies directly on the off chance

I was told you actually need more than one CV if you are applying for different types of jobs.

Also it is passe to put CV on your CV.

Captain Canal
09/19/2011 02:41

Very good site. You might make reference to social networking sites had a couple of instances recently where potential employers have checked social networking sites such as 'facebook' and 'link'd in' to verify or rebutt claims made in application forms. I gather many employers are doing this now, so be carefull what you put on them

09/19/2011 02:54

Excellent site - one small addendum to application forms and personal statement. Tailor your skills and qualities to the person specification for the role to show that you are suited to the role
Keep up the good work!

09/19/2011 03:10

If filling in an application form do so in pencil first.

09/19/2011 03:28

Avoid gaps in your CV. If for example you were looking after your sick mother for a period of time then say so. Gaps arouse suspicion!

09/19/2011 03:31

If you are an older applicant with good work history then school results are redundant.

06/22/2012 12:21

Found this link while searching Google, thanks


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